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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Postcard #58

Postcard #58 from Kazakhstan.
Date: 31.08.16
Depicts: "Greetings from... Kazakhstan", unofficial.
From: got it from Yulia.

This is private swap with a postcrosser Yulia from Kazakhstan. I sent her a postcard first through the website, but when she got my postcard she offered to send me something from her side too, which was very nice, so I agreed. Thanks to her my collection of "Greetings from" grew by this one amazing postcard with facsts about Kazakhstan :)
Stamps: "Карлыгаштын куйрыгы неге айыр?" (Why does swallow have horned tail?), Kazakh children cartoons series, Kazakhstan, 1994; "Козы мен Косаяк жаксылыкты калай iздеди" (How lamb and jerboa searched for happiness), Kazakh children cartoons series, Kazakhstan, 1994; "Tulipa behmiana Regel", Flowers of Kazakhstan series, Kazakstan, 2013; "Tulipa ostrowskiana Regel", Flowers of Kazakhstan series, Kazakstan, 2013.

Postcard #57

Postcard #57 from Lithuania.

Date: 31.08.16
Depicts: an owl of Inga Paltser.
From: got from a postcrosser Ksenia.

My 36th postcard from project.

Stamps: "Волнушка розовая" (Pink mushroom, Lactarius torminosus), Poisonous mushrooms series, Belarus, 2013.
A postcrosser is orginally from Belarus but lives in Lithuania. So the ID is Lithuanian but the stamp is Belorussian because it was sent from Minsk.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Postcard #56

Postcard #56 from Austria.

Date: 29.08.16
Depicts: a painting of Christian Eriksen Skredsvig (1854-1924) "The Princess and Half the Kingdom".
From: got from a postcrosser Helga.

My 35th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Vienna Parlament", Austria, 2015; "See", Personal Stamps service, Austria, n/d.
I spent a huge amount of time searching for the second stamp on the net to find out the year of issue, series and etc and still couldn't find it. BUT I came across a very unusual and super cool service which is probably typical for Austrian society only - they can make THEIR OWN stamps with pictures they wish to use! I think this is totally amazing and creative. So as I understood right Helga used her personal stamp (to the right). Thanks to her I have something pretty unique :)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Postcard #55

Postcard #55 from Germany.

Date: 27.08.16
Depicts: an Amrum lighthouse.
From: got from a postcrosser Baerbel.

My 34th postcard from project. Been getting a bunch of postcars from Germany recently, so funny :)
Stamps: "Tagetes", Flowers series, Germany, 2005; "Kampen", lighthouses theme, Germany, 2016.

Postcard #54

Postcard #54 from Germany.

Date: 27.08.16
Depicts: an Earth orbit.
From: got from a postcrosser Ines.

My 33rd postcard from project.
Stamps: "100 Jahre Moehnetalsperre", Germany, 2013.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Postcard #53

Postcard #53 from Australia.

Date: 26.08.16
Depicts: "G'day from Australia" with a couple of kangaroos on the beach.
From: got from a postcrosser Jingwen.

My 32nd postcard from project.
Stamps: "Chequered Swallowtail", Beautiful butterflies series, Australia, 2016.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Postcard #52

Postcard #52 from Germany.

Date: 24.08.16
Depicts: a bright bouquet of lilacs.
From: got from a postcrosser Merle.

My 31st postcard from project.
Stamps: "Narzisse", Flowers series, Germany, 2006.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Postcard #51

Postcard #51 from Russia.
Date: 18.08.16
Depicts: a sketch of a lighthouse with words "Sochi, Sea, Beach, Lighthouse".
From: got it from Victoria.

This is our second direct swap with Vikoria. I really love lighthouses and everything connected with the sea and marine theme. Thank you for enlarging my collection!
Stamps: "Московский кремль" (Moscow kremlin), Russia, 2009; "Lynx", Fauna series, Russia, 2008.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Postcard #50

Postcard #50 from Germany.

Date: 16.08.16
Depicts: a painting of Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928) "Nelken". Painted with aquarell, the painting is shown at the Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove, Glasgow. 
From: got from a postcrosser Sven.

My 30th postcard from project. Unfortunately, the postcard was a little bit damaged during its trip from Germany as can been seen by the white spot on the left. Though I still like it a lot :)
Stamps: "Hohe Weg, Außenweser (built 1855)", lighthouses theme, Germany, 2006; "Post tower", Bonn, Germany.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Postcard #49

Postcard #49 from USA.

Date: 08.08.16
Depicts: Public Garden of Boston, MA, USA with swanboats.
From: got from a postcrosser who wished not to disclose her name.

My 29th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Global: The Moon", USA, 2016.

Postcard #48

Postcard #48 from Germany.

Date: 15.08.16
Depicts: bird view on Burghausen in Oberbayaern.
The castle of Burghausen is the longest castle in the World - 1051 meters long.
From: got from a postcrosser Claudia.

My 28th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Chiemsee", Germany, 2015.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Postcard #47

Postcard #47 from USA.

Date: 08.08.16
Depicts: Laguna Beach, California. These beautiful tide pools are just a short walk north of the main public swimmung beach.
From: got from a postcrosser Jennifer.

My 27th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Global: The Moon", Forever, USA, 2016.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Postcard #46

Postcard #46 from Germany.

Date: 02.08.16
Depicts: lavender bushes and a quote of Nicolas Chamfort "Die Faehigkeit, das Wort "nein" auszusprechen, ist der erste Schritt zur Freiheit" (eng. The ability to say "no" is the first step towards freedom).
From: got from a postcrosser Kornelia.

My 26th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Narzisse", Flowers series, Germany, 2006.

Postcard #45

Postcard #45 from Taiwan.

Date: 02.08.16
Depicts: cross in the Cathedral of St. Cyrill and Lawrence of Turau town in Homel region, Belarus.
From: got from a postcrosser Daria.

My 25th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Норка европейская" (European mink), Belarus, 2014.

Postcard #44

Postcard #44 from Taiwan.

Date: 02.08.16
Depicts: lantern-shaped Police Precinct, Jingtong, New Taipei City.
From: got from a postcrosser Amy.

My 24th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Solanum americanum", Fruits theme, Taiwan, 2012.

Postcard #43

Postcard #43 from Belarus.

Date: 02.08.16
Depicts: Jetoy cat.
From: got from a postcrosser Larisa.

My 23rd postcard from project.
Stamps: "Ежовик желтый" (Yellow mushroom, Hydnum repandum), Poisonous mushrooms series, Belarus, 2013.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Postcard #42

Postcard #42 from Russia.
Date: 01.08.16
Depicts: a Russian Post mail box.
From: got it from Victoria.

Another Russian Post postcard with a mailbox dedicated to "Kinotavr. Open Russian cinema festival", an event organized in Sochi. I was lucky to find a girl who agreed to swap with me this postcard on something completely different.

Stamps: "Московский кремль" (Moscow kremlin), Russia, 2009; "Lynx", Fauna series, Russia, 2008.