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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Postcard #__

Postcard #__ from Taiwan.

Date: 06.06.19
Depicts: "All you need is a dog"
From: got from postcrosser Claire.

My 230th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Calanthe sieboldii", 2018, Taiwan.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Postcard #___

Postcard #___ from Russia.

Date: 23.05.19
Depicts: Matreshka from Pskov 
From: selfbought card.
Stamps: "Псковский кремль" (Pskov kremlin), Russia, 2009; "Московский кремль" (Moscow kremlin), Russia, 2009; "Астраханский кремль" (Astrakhan kremlin), Russia, 2009.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Postcard #__

Postcard #__ from Lithuania.

Date: 17.05.19
Depicts: an illustration of a kitty. 
From: got from postcrosser Jovita.

My 229th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Think green. Bicycle", Lithuania, 2016.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Postcard #315

Postcard #315 from Germany.

Date: 17.05.19
Depicts: a recipe card. 
From: got from postcrosser Kris.

My 228th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Saxon Switzerland", Germany, 2016; "Centenary of Birth of Hannelore Schmidt", Germany, 2019.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Postcard #314

Postcard #314 from France.

Date: 16.05.19
Depicts: a spring illustration of a postbox.
From: got from postcrosser Kate.

My 227th postcard from project.
Stamps: "African-Inspired Textiles", France, 2019; "Mickey and France silence on tourne", Frence, 2018.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Postcard #313

Postcard #313 from India.

Date: 13.05.19
Depicts: a "Serene" painting by Vishwas Krishna H.
From: got from postcrosser Vishwas.

My 226th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Handicrafts of India", India, 2018; "Caves of Meghalaya - Krem Syndai Cave", India, 2017; "Bal Gangadhar Tilak (1856-1920), politician", India, 2016; "Subramania Bharati (1882-1921), poet", India, 2016; "Yoga", India, 2016; "Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), independence fighter", India, 2016.

Postcard #312

Postcard #312 from Russia.

Date: 13.05.19
Depicts: Sochi Marine station in watercolor.
From: got from my dear friend Katya :)
Stamps: "DN Zamyatinin", Russia, 2018.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Postcard #311

Postcard #311 from Finland.

Date: 07.05.19
Depicts: Darth Vader.
From: got from postcrosser Liisa.

My 225th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Ice Fishing", Finland, 2019.

Postcard #310

Postcard #310 from China.

Date: 07.05.19
Depicts: A bite from China - chicken with mushrooms.
From: got from postcrosser Mingyang Li.

My 224th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Conservation of water", China, 2002; "Special-use stamp for Greeting Card: A Family Letter reporti", China, 2013; "Mummy Tortoise", China, 2013.

Postcard #309

Postcard #309 from Belgium.

Date: 07.05.19
Depicts: Fisher at Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia
From: got from postcrosser Sylvianne.

My 223rd postcard from project.
Stamps: "Ferdinand Peeters: Contraceptive Pill", Belgium, 2017.

Postcard #308

Postcard #308 from Canada.

Date: 07.05.19
Depicts: a white owl.
From: got from postcrosser Joan.

My 222nd postcard from project.
Stamps: "Iceberg off coast of Newfoundland & Labrador", Canada, 2019.

Postcard #307

Postcard #307 from Armenia.

Date: 07.05.19
Depicts: Tatevivank, Armenia 
From: got from my university classmate :)
Stamps: "Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia", Armenia, 2013.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Postcard #306

Postcard #306 from France.

Date: 28.03.19
Depicts: an illustration of Rue St Guillsume in Paris with Karl Lagerfeld. 
From: got with my Lagerfeld bag :)
Stamps: no stamps.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Postcard #305

Postcard #305 from China.

Date: 15.03.19
Depicts: Chinese illustration.
From: got from postcrosser Xiàng.

My 221st postcard from project.
Stamps: "Conservation of water", China, 2002; "Lighthouse: Chigua Reef / Johnson South", China, 2016; "Special-use stamp for Greeting Card: A Family Letter reporti", China, 2013.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Postcard #304

Postcard #304 from USA.

Date: 04.03.19
Depicts: Kitty.
From: got from postcrosser Kim.

My 220th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Bioluminescent Life: Bamboo Coral", USA, 2018; "Frozen Treats 3 of 10", USA, 2018.

Postcard #303

Postcard #303 from China.

Date: 04.03.19
Depicts: flowers.
From: got from postcrosser FanFan.

My 219th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Tangka", China, 2014; "Special-use stamp for Greeting Card: Plain Sailing", China, 2013; "Special-use stamp for Greeting Card: A Family Letter reporti", China, 2013.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Postcard #302

Postcard #302 from USA.

Date: 20.02.19
Depicts: Retro skyline image of Washington D.C.
From: got from postcrosser Craig.

My 218th postcard from project.
Stamps: "First Responders", USA, 2018; "USA Flag 1818", USA, 2018; "Grapes", USA, 2017.

Postcard #301

Postcard #301 from Germany.

Date: 20.02.19
Depicts: "Ostjakki" by Fujiwo Ishimoto.
From: got from postcrosser Kate.

My 217th postcard from project.
Stamps: "Winter Aconite (Eranthis hyemalis)", Germany, 2018; "Autumn Aster (Aster novae), Germany, 2005.

Postcard #300 - Hurray!

Postcard #300 from USA.

Date: 20.02.19
Depicts: the Golden gate in drawings.
From: got from postcrosser Thea.

My 216th postcard from project. This lovely postcard obviously had a hard journey and probably someone at the postoffice ruined it with ink a bit but that's not a big deal - I love when a postcard has a story.
Stamps: "Frozen Treats 1 of 10", USA, 2018; "Frozen Treats 2 of 10", USA, 2018; "Pears", USA, 2017.

Postcard #299

Postcard #299 from Austria.

Date: 20.02.19
Depicts: "-Ich hab hier eins mit einer dunklen Seite; -Nehm ich." (-I have here one with the dark side; -I'll take.)
From: got from postcrosser Julia.

My 215th postcard from project.
This is a very funny postcard with Star Wars joke, love it :)
Stamps: "200th Anniversary of the Christmas carol "Silent Night", Austria 2018.