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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Postcard #8

Postcard #8 from Berlin, Germany.
During dates: 23.12.15 - 27.12.15
Depicts: "Mein Herz schlaegt fuer Berlin".
From: bought myself.

This was love at first sight. I mean both Berlin and this postcard. This winter trip to Berlin was the second time I visited it, I enjoyed myself in this city all alone during xmas holidays and that was the best decision of the ending year 2015. 
This postcard I found in a small book store near the Checkpoint Charlie. It depicts my feelings to Berlin so right in a very minimalistic way that I couldn't resist and bought it just for myself without even thinking.
Stamps: no stamps

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Postcard #7

Postcard #7 from St. Petersburg, Russia.
Date: 12.11.15
Depicts: "Winter Landscape" painting by Wassily Kandinsky, 1909.
From: my two colleagues Mary and Angelika, who vitised SPb for 'art-vacation'.

This is the early work of Kandinsky. I love bright colors here.
Stamps: "Sochi city national emblem", Russia, 2014.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Postcard #6

Postcard #6 from Lisbon, Portugal.
Date: 11.01.15
Depicts: Se de Lisboa and a famous yellow tram.
From: my friend Kostya who studied in Lisboa.

This amazing eco-cork postcard is soft, flexible, smells like woods in heaven and very thick. Absolutely unusual postcard introduced only in Portugal.
Unfortunaly my friend couldn't actually send it to me so I got it from him personally.
Stamps: no stamps